Baltic Charity Foundation
S. Konarskio g. 49-216, Vilnius /
+ 370 5 233 4892 / + 370 612 67191
Director Arūnas Svitojus
Baltic Charity Foundation is a non-profit organisation registered in Lithuania. It was founded with an aim to join international and Baltic countries' forces as well as financial actions for the successful work with the communities in order to overcome poverty and help building sustainable livelihoods.

Baltic Charity Foundation follows the ideas of Heifer Project International being the active participant in Central and Eastern Europe program since 1999 and by collaborating with other Lithuanian and foreign partners, leading the focused programs of support for rural societies and their development.

Supporting the mission of Heifer International, the Baltic Charity Foundation is providing help to low-income and socially vulnerable people and communities, by working towards the sustainable development of livestock and knowledge. Within this context, the Baltic Foundation facilitates and supports the participative processes of development at the grassroots level, in order to strengthen and develop:

- An integrated vision: environment, people, and animals
- Microenterprises
- Gender equity and youth development projects
- Grassroots organizations
- Sustainable utilization and protection of the environment
- Food security
- Social initiative
- Assistance to rural NGOs

Baltic Charity Foundation encourages the development of rural societies in Lithuania and other Baltic countries. Altogether with the partners inside the country and abroad Baltic Charity Foundation is working on more than 20 projects. Since the time it was established BCF has granted 500 heifers, 600 sheep, 40 goats, 134 families of bees with hives, 95 hens, 94 rabbits, 10 horses, 30 hectares area of white willow sprouts, 12900 young plants. It funds equipment, veterinary service, fodder and other necessities in rural communities of regions of Alytus, Utena, Raseiniai, Lazdijai, Silute, Silale, Trakai, Marijampole, Svencionys, Plunge, Vilkaviskis in Lithuania, Bilska, Zaube regions in Latvia and Saaremaa island, Estonia.

- Supports, encourages and empowers people in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to reduce poverty level toward sustainable development of livestock farms through granting stock and improving farm technology, collaborating with others partners, providing technical assistance and trainings;
- Coordinates 27 projects and donates to more than 600 families;
- Implements projects that ensure well-being of the environment, people and animals.;
- Encourages establishment and development of micro-enterprises;
- Implements public awareness raising and education activities;
- Implements sustainable development and food security projects.
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