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Direktorė Jūratė Šeduikienė
In 2006 The Women’s Information Center celebrated its tenth anniversary. The association was established by 15 independent people. Its emergence was supported by other women's NGOs operating at the time. The Center works closely with other women's NGOs, government agencies and organizations to promote gender equality in all areas of women's lives to ensure that women are given due attention in all political, legal and social reforms and development programs.

Women's Information Center:

Represents - solves women's problems by influencing public policy and making proposals for the improvement of laws.
Teaches - organizes trainings for various groups of society on gender equality in Lithuania, reconciling family and work responsibilities, gender mainstreaming, assistance to women who have experienced violence, etc.
Helps - provides women with legal advice on family and work issues, advises where to turn in case of violence or violation of rights.
Educates - organizes campaigns and events, publishes posters designed to change existing stereotypes about gender equality in society.
Supports - consults and provides information to other women's organizations in Lithuania.
Informs - information portal for women on the Internet - - the first and only Internet portal in Lithuanian, where the problems of the situation of women, possibilities and ways of their solution are analyzed. The Women's Information Center publishes a large number of information publications, has compiled and is constantly updating the library dedicated to gender equality issues.
Collaborates - the Center has established an extensive network of contacts with various women's organizations not only in Lithuania, but also in the neighboring Baltic, Northern and Central European countries. This is important in sharing experiences, in finding ways to solve problems in a unified way. Joint conferences and seminars are organized together, information is shared.
Implements projects - the Center implements projects supported by the EU Structural Funds, Equal program, Daphne II, Socrates, Baltic American partnership programs, the European Commission, national programs.

Our vision:
No person shall be discriminated against on the grounds of sex.

Our mission:
Educate and inform the public on gender equality issues, formulate gender policy and promote its development in Lithuania.

Our goals:
• To strive for gender equality in Lithuania
• To improve the position of women in public and private life
• To improve the environment of gender equality

Projects / activities in the field of development cooperation:
- Priority areas for development cooperation activities: equal opportunities for women, reconciling family and work responsibilities, prevention of women trafficking, prevention of violence against women, etc.
- Moldova: project on human rights (elimination of violence against women).
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