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National Non-Governmental Development Cooperation Organisations’ Platform (hereinafter referred to as Lithuanian NGDO Platform) is an association uniting organizations working in the field of development cooperation (DP) from Lithuania. Currently the Lithuanian NGDO Platform has 22 members. The Lithuanian NGDO Platform was established in 2007.

The Lithuanian NGDO Platform is working to strengthen intercultural, civic and democratic societies in Lithuania, to expand opportunities for Lithuanian NGOs to participate in international development cooperation activities and to help develop their skills. We represent non-governmental development cooperation organisations in Lithuania, the European Union (EU) and other international organisations, and we are actively involved in the formulation and implementation of the EU-Lithuania Development Cooperation Policy. We strengthen NGO networking, transnational partnerships, perform monitoring and advocacy, contribute to policy development, exchange of good practice and cross-sectoral activities.

As an EU member and donor country, Lithuania participates in international DP activities, whereby developed and developing countries can work together to create a harmonious world where everyone can fulfill their rights and obligations and live a dignified life.

Competences and expertise of our member organizations: democracy, NGO law, education, social policy, equal opportunities, gender, health care, climate change, economics, human rights, mental health, civil society and inclusion, minorities, groups in social risk, migration, development cooperation, security, global education, youth, women rights, humanitarian action, humanitarian education, international relationship, children rights, social work, communication, nutrition, community development, the inclusion of elder people.

Our main areas of activities: advocacy, policy, monitoring, research, analysis, events and short term / long term programs, trainings, actions, field work.

Annual financial and activity reports: http://vbplatforma.org/LT/teisine-baze/115

You can find the Lithuanian NGDO Platform on social media (Facebook, Youtube, Soundcloud, Issuu, Flickr):

The Lithuanian NGDO Platform is a representative of Lithuania in these international networks and organisations:

  • FORUS - a global network of 69 national NGO platforms and 7 regional coalitions from 5 continents.
  • CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness -  a platform that unites civil society organisations (CSOs) from around the world on the issue of effective development cooperation.
  • CIGS - The European Network for Citizen Initiatives in Global Solidarity serves to enable knowledge exchange between its members.
  • CIVICUS - a global alliance of civil society organisations and activists dedicated to strengthening citizen action and civil society throughout the world.
  • SDG Watch Europe - an intersectoral European Alliance of NGOs working to ensure that local governments implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
  • GCAP (Global Call to Action Against Poverty) - a network of over 11,000 civil society organisations (CSOs) organised in 58 National Coalitions and in constituency groups of women, youth and socially-excluded people, among others. It supports people in their struggles for justice and brings individuals and organisations together to challenge the institutions and processes that perpetuate poverty and inequalities. We are also in the Global Council, terms of office: 2021 - 2023 and 2024 - 2026.
  • Anna Lindh Foundation - an international organisation working from the Mediterranean to promote intercultural and civil society dialogue in the face of growing mistrust and polarization.

The Lithuanian NGDO Platform’s membership at a national level:

  • National NGO coalition. The aim of the coalition is to work together and cooperate in order to strengthen the NGO sector and Lithuanian civil society.
  • Anna Lindh Foundation in Lithuania
  • Member of the Development Cooperation Commission in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • Co-founder, member and interim coordinator of the Sustainable Development Goals Expert Network
  • Member of the Working Group of the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania for the Implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 in Lithuania.
  • Member of the Council of Non-governmental Organisations coordinated by the Ministry of Social Security and Labor of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • Member of a Working Group for the United Nations Security Council Resolution no.1325 in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania.


Partnership with NOHA (Network of Humanitarian Action) and Vilnius University in organising the NOHA Humanitarian Action Spring School Program in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The Lithuanian NGDO Platform coordinates the national network of SDGs Ambassadors in Lithuania.

Board members:

  • Indrė Augutienė - Global Citizen Academy, Director (Chairwoman of the Board)
  • Lukas Ivanauskas - OSMOS, Researcher
  • Virginija Aleksejūnė - Center for Equality Advancement, director
  • Edvinas Regelskis - Order of Malta Relief Organization in Lithuania, Head of Organizational Development
  • Ieva Budraitė - Green Policy Institute, Deputy Director

Board contact: valdyba@vbplatforma.org

Chairman of the Board: chair@vbplatforma.org


Executive director - Ugnė Kumparskaitė

Policy, advocacy and partnership - Justina Kaluinaitė

Program coordinator - Greta Gustytė

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