Product certification. A guide to ethical and responsible production and consumption
Category:Sustainable development goals
Publication type:Readings
Target group:Adults
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Etiškos ir atsakingos gamybos bei vartojimo gidas_NNVBO Platforma.pdf
We invite you to get acquainted with various principles of ethical, responsible production certification used in the world and in Lithuania - product labeling and certification processes. This will make it easier to visually recognize the ethical values declared by brands and make a decision: buy this product or choose another one that is better in social and environmental terms. We hope that this knowledge will strengthen behavior based on moral values and help to spread mutual solidarity both locally and globally; it will also help to better understand our day-to-day influence not only in the immediate but also in the global space.
In this publication, we present the most commonly used product certification marks in everyday use in the world, as well as share stories that will help us better understand the context of certification and the values and principles declared by certified products.
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