"Direction: Humanity" Training Guide
Category:Integration of global education into the general curriculum
Publication type:Exercises
Target group:Youth
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Humaniskumo ugdymas_PRINT(1).pdf
This training guide is designed to help you deepen and better understand the humanitarian principles and values that guide us in making decisions in our daily lives. This manual is designed to be used for both making training manuals and for training purposes.
The main concept of this program is based on modern forms of teaching / learning which provides an opportunity to try informal, engaging, inclusive teaching / learning methods. These methods provide specific useful knowledge about the importance of humanity education and encourage in - depth discussions on topics that are very important in our time.
This training guide is recommended for educational institutions, youth centers, non-governmental organizations, non-formal education practitioners, as well as all those who work with volunteers, organize cultural exchanges and engage in other humanitarian activities.
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