Direction: Humanity. Humanitarian Education Toolkit for Training and Trainers (English)
Category:Active citizenship
Publication type:Exercises
Target group:Adults
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Humaniskumo ugdymas_EN_WEB(2).pdf
Project Direction: Humanity was developed not only to promote and raise awareness about humanitarian principles and values but also to actively involve students and volunteers into the learning process, encouraging holistic learning approaches such as active participation, idea generation, and various other learning and sharing methods. Education enables young people to learn skills and competencies that are required in order to find appropriate and innovative solutions for all sorts of challenges of the modern world.
The global overarching objective of Project Humanity is to spread humanitarian principles and values throughout national educational systems (such as schools and universities), communities, NGOs working with volunteering abroad, and cultural exchange, as well as volunteers themselves.
Direction: Humanity aims to sensitize the young generation by promoting humanitarian ideas in order to prevent global conflicts and discrimination based on ethnicity, race, class, or religion in the future, by creating an educated and well-oriented generation across the world.
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