Academic Paper | Overcoming the Barriers to Multilingualism: Challenges for Teachers in Sub-Saharan Africa in teaching students who do not have their home language as language of instruction
Category:Sustainable development goals
Publication type:Readings
Target group:Adults
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This study focuses on the challenges faced by teachers in Sub-Saharan Africa when instructing students whose first or home language differs from the language of instruction. The region is linguistically diverse, with over 2,000 languages spoken, and colonialism has influenced language policies and education systems. Many countries inherited European languages as the official language of instruction, creating difficulties for multilingual students and teachers. Language policies vary across countries, with many using European languages as the medium of instruction in schools. The study aims to contribute to awareness by examining the extent and nature of challenges faced by teachers of Sub Saharan Africa while teaching in multilingual environment.

Author: Giedrė Biržytė, Vilnius university.
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