Humana People to People Baltic
Kirtimų g. 47, Vilnius
+370 611 47 971
Office Administrator Julius Norvila
Humana People to People Baltic was founded in the beginning of 1998. The idea was to establish an organisation in Lithuania that could raise funds to support development for poor and disadvantaged people in the world. To do this through a network of shops selling second hand clothes and using the surplus from this activity for Humana People to People's project in the developing countries of the world.

The first shop was opened in May 1998 and since then every year some new ones have been opened. Today this activity is very successful and Humana People to People Baltic can support many very good projects in Africa and India while also being a source of good and fashionable clothes at very affordable prices for many Lithuanians.

The Development Program of Humana People to People Baltic:

- HPPB wants to see a world with better prospects for all its inhabitants to live their lives free from poverty, sickness and lack of freedoms.

- HPPB wants to support people's efforts to create development in their communities.

- HPPB supports projects dealing with health, education and environment. Humana People to People Baltic believes that work within these areas is one of the main preconditions for development.

- HPPB is a member of "The Federation for Associations Connected to the International Humana People to People Movement" and supports projects connected to the movement.

- Angola: basic education for children, teenagers’ vocational training, teacher training;
- Namibia: children aid, vocational training, community strengthening, fight against HIV/AIDS;
- Zambia: children aid, children education, community strengthening;
- Zimbabwe: children aid, community strengthening, vocational training, leadership training, health care;
- Public information and education;
- Website, informational brochure, monthly for personnel, campaigns in shops.
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